“I’d never want to be Gene Simmons, an old man who puts on makeup to entertain kids, like a clown going back to work.” – Trent Reznor (via BrainyQuote)

Disclaimer: I know the activists who read this are going to complain, saying not all women put on makeup, hence it is not representative of all women, so I will say this: yes, not all women put on makeup, but this post is catered to women who do and suffer from this issue like I do.  So, if you are upset, remember that I am targeting a demographic that may or may not include you.  Thanks.


The best (worst) thing about being a woman is that we are almost always associated with a notorious six lettered word that sparks intense debates, M A K E U P.  That sharp cat eye people have been raving about in recent years?  Queen Cleopatra (69 BCE-30 BCE, Ancient Egypt) was the woman who made it famous.  That metallic nail polish people have been flaunting over social media in recent years?  The Chou Dynasty’s Royal Family (1046 BCE-256 BCE, Ancient China) painted their appendages in gold and silver, years before it was the “it” statement of the F/W 2015 runways that Harper’s Bazaar covered.

For many women, makeup was an obligation of the societal expectation of their times.  The Tudor Dynasty’s (1483-1603, England and its colonies) most recognizable fashion trend was its high and white foreheads, achieved through a foundation made of a toxic blend of lead and vinegar on a shaved hairline.  Women thought and were thought of as beautiful if they partook in these dangerous fashion fads to enhance their natural beauty.

In recent years, however, women are not as unified in their makeup tastes as their predecessors – we have a diverse range of makeup styles that is represented all throughout the streets.  Women walk down the Theatre District in a bold red lipstick, while others scrutinize fabrics in the Fashion District, wearing a demure plum eyeliner.


My own makeup journey began with my affinity towards visual arts.  From a young age, I loved to create light to dark color transitions that mimicked nature.  However, as I got older, the time I could spend mixing colors and creating bold designs faded, and the only time I could practice my brush strokes were in the ten minutes after breakfast, where I would color my lids, line a subtle cate eye, and lengthen my lashes quickly before running to class or work.  This was my compromise – my face became my canvas, albeit a tame and simple one, that I carried every day.

Still, the one thing that I absolutely hate about art, and by extension makeup, is unintended smudges.  A morning spent perfecting my lids and lashes are thrown out the window because of one smile or one facial expression using my eyes, causing the bags under my eyes to be smeared with black.  Smiling inadvertently causes the tops of my eyelids to stamp onto the lowest corners of my eyes, which makes you question if water proof makeup even exists.


The easiest solution would be to either a) not wear makeup, or b) not smile, but both alternative are ludicrous, given who I am.  This led to my search to find a method that would stop this problem, but to no avail.  I talked to juvenile and professional makeup artists alike, who all directed me to expensive products I cannot afford, or to alternatives that did not work at all.  However, I found a solution that worked: the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Ozone (clear).  One swipe of this liner under my lower lash line and eye bags prior to putting on eye makeup prevents eye makeup transfer for the whole day.

Like all of you reading this, putting on lip liner on my eyes was not something I would have considered, but at Sephora, I had a random thought.  If lip liner could prevent lipstick from bleeding out, then could it work for eye makeup as well?  Throwing caution to the wind, I bought it for $20 that same day.  Twenty dollars is quite a steal for a took that serves a dual purpose; it prevents both your lip and eye makeup from spreading out of its allotted space on your face.


Before you start rushing over to your nearest Sephora and buying this, I would like to mention that this is a solution that worked for me, so it may not work for you.  I was simply very lucky and had a Eureka moment at the right place, at the right time.  Almost like fate, it just so happened that the method that worked for me was the cheapest and most reliable method out there.  If it works for you, then wonderful, but if not, do not lose hope!  Your solution may be waiting for you somewhere.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Urban Decay for creating this, even if it may have not been its intended purpose.  And no this is not an ad, though it would be nice if Urban Decay would send me freebies to test out.


the girl who looks like a clown wearing makeup

p.s. Attached below is a nice blown up picture of the lipliner from Urban Decay, as well as two links to buy this amazing creation.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.04.52 PM

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Ozone: Urban Decay, Sephora

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