“As a designer, you’ve always got to push yourself forward; you’ve always got to keep up with the trends or make your own trends.  That’s what I do.” – Alexander McQueen (via BrainyQuote)

Disclaimer: This post is basically +trendy+ part two, where I slowly reveal my outfits to the world. 

I typically stick to solid colors and basic silhouettes, but there are times when I want to wear something different from my “signature look”.  Whenever I do go astray, I like to wear things that have interesting patterns or designs.  However, I tend to stick to a specific outfit schedule of turtlenecks and as many black colored pieces as I can in the winter, while summers are filled with loose tops and tight shorts.


Since I was younger, turtlenecks were my go-to shirts because they’re practical in keeping your neck warm, but they also made you look adult like.  Every kid loved to dress like an adult, especially emulating adults they thought were cool.  As I grew older, turtlenecks were no longer “in”, as people favored lower necklines covered with circle (infinity) scarves.

I was generally the odd one out, with my black turtlenecks that easily accumulated lint, while everyone else was too caught up in mob mentality.  By the time 2014 rolled along, turtlenecks made its return, and I went from a fashion pariah to a bandwagoner because everyone started to wear them again.  Coming into 2017, turtlenecks are beloved by trendsetters all around the world, and it’s almost blasphemous to not own one.


Recently, I was introduced to Francesca’s, a mixture of Brandy Melville’s super girly feel and Urban Outfitters’ hipster look.  The two turtleneck tops that I bought were of different styles – one was sleeveless and fitted, while the other was sleeveless but looser, held together by ties at both sides.

The necks on both tops were not as long as your traditional turtleneck, ending only halfway up your neck, but it still gave an illusion of a long and graceful neck.  They could easily be paired with gold or silver necklaces, which only added a feminine feel.  It also didn’t hurt that they had a sale that day, so everything was 60% off.


Despite my Francesca’s diversion, I wanted to go shopping to buy another pair of boyfriend jeans, as the pair I owned was a cross between joggers and capris.  I wanted ~legit~ boyfriend jeans so I could mix them up with cropped sweaters or turtlenecks and cardigans to recreate popular looks from the twentieth century, though with a modern upgrade.

I read somewhere that during Marilyn Monroe’s lifetime, she would wear boyfriend jeans to juxtapose to her feminine beauty because as seen in +tall+, structured and form fitting pants from department stores were rejected as the norm.  Boyfriend jeans are of a looser design and don’t highlight your legs’ skinniness – they’re like flared jeans, emphasizing the length of your legs, all while giving the illusion of having a tiny waist.  It was my lucky day, as the stars aligned and the Calvin Klein’s I bought were only a fraction of its original price.


Recently around New Year’s, I met up with my best friend, and we all know, best friends are responsible for taking Instagram-worthy pictures.  I obviously asked her to take pictures of my outfit to show off on my blog.  Below is my #ootd, well more like #ootn.

img_2111The jacket and top are not of a recent purchase – the jacket was from Urban Outfitters, but probably from five years ago, while the top was surprisingly from Abercrombie & Fitch.


the girl who loves taking pretty pictures

p.s. Below are more amateur pictures of what I bought.  I usually put links for anyone interested in checking them out, but Francesca’s no longer has these in circulation.

img_1651Francesca’s sleeveless maroon turtleneck top

Version 2Francesca’s sleeveless black turtleneck top with ties at the sides

Calvin Klein boyfriend fit light marbled jeans


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