“If this night is not forever, at least we are together, I know I’m not alone, I know I’m not alone.” – Alan Walker, Alone

Last Friday, I had the privilege of seeing Alan Walker perform live for the first time in Webster Hall.  He is a fantastic performer from Norway that not only makes amazing tracks, but also has great remixes as well, i.e. Sia’s “Move Your Body.”  His most recognizable piece is his hit single “Faded,” which I first heard on my brother’s laptop.  This led to constant Alan Walker streaming, to the ire of my friends who had to listen to me blast his songs 24/7.

Up until the release of “Alone” last December, featuring vocals by Noonie Bao, also a Norewegian singer, my favorite song was “Sing Me to Sleep,” which featured vocals by Iselin Solheim, the Norwegian singer who also sang “Faded.”  “Alone” became my favorite song because I just love songs that talk about solidarity and the celebration that you are not alone.


Timing at concerts are the worst; while doors were supposed to open at 10 p.m., it was not until 10:20 p.m. when we started moving in.  Mind you, with the wind chill, it felt like 5 degrees out!  We were allowed up to the Grand Ballroom at 11 p.m., but Alan Walker didn’t come on stage for a few hours.  During that time, we heard in-house DJs perform their music, which was decent, until I noticed that a lot of their stuff sounded like tracks from Proximity, which was disappointing.

After them, Martin Jensen came out and played his set, a variety of popular hits and his own stuff.  I honestly didn’t even know that I knew his stuff until I was like, “Wait, I know this song!”  Despite this pleasant surprise, two hours of non-Alan Walker music does take a toll on an old person like myself, and I couldn’t wait any longer.


At 1:30 a.m., Alan Walker came out on stage.  It was amazing to scream out the lyrics to the songs he made and the songs he remixed with a couple hundred people with me.  Also, sorry to all my Snapchat and Instagram followers who had to watch 50 too many things that night!  Below are pictures of that night, courtesy of selfies and Webster Hall.

IMG_2701It was cold out, but once we saw that sign, nothing else mattered.
IMG_270210:13 p.m. — They told us that this was our line, but we’re still waiting outside.
IMG_2513The classic bathroom selfie — featuring stalls that look like something from a horror movie.
IMG_2704Inside Webster Hall — still frozen, but too happy to care.  Also coat check is $7??
17191664_10155684877785606_8743818462820057678_oMe asking who that guy on stage was.
17192052_10155684874060606_2807525164274016369_oMoment of vanity — My friend said that I looked like a model here because of my side profile, so I just had to post this.
17039403_10155684885395606_5558867673745376487_oI look gross, but I liked how the lights illuminated the ballroom.
17097267_10155684885815606_7041842549548759728_oAlan Walker speaking on stage, while the front row (Me!) is bathed in red.
17157465_10155684885375606_3624606293418365444_oI don’t think my right arm ever rested during Alan Walker’s two hour set; it’s probably has more muscle after that up and down movement.
17157513_10155684885445606_5382331757847682023_oWe are the millennial generation, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”
17016762_10155684887885606_6063687846485409086_oCONFUSED — Okay, I didn’t quiet understand why people started recording him during his thank you bit, but I smiled because there were so many photographers on stage #fivesecondsoffame
Alan Walker and his New York fans.

As shown in the pictures, I managed to snag a front row spot – it was delightful to be literally six feet away from Alan Walker.  It was also surprising that people didn’t push me to get closer to the front; I had a sufficient amount of space to dance, which made me extremely happy.  The only downside about my spot was that I was standing right in front of the streamer shooters, so you can guess what happened to me way too many times that night.


the girl who got hit in the face with streamers way too many times

Image Credit: Webster Hall

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