“Your diet is a bank account.  Good food choices are good investments.” – Bethenny Frankel (via BrainyQuote)

Turning 21 has other perks beyond the fact that I can finally drink legally and visit the strict Mainline bars.  In celebration of my 21st birthday, my mother fulfilled a promise that she made ten years ago, to celebrate my 21st at the 21 Club, here in New York City.


The 21 Club, like many of New York’s famous haunts, is rich with history; it was a speakeasy restaurant during the U.S.’s prohibition days.  While it’s no longer an illicit establishment that sells liquor, the 21 Club still maintains its charm from the Roaring Twenties, with its gorgeous ceiling and intimate ambience.  Despite celebrating my birthday with two best friends, this is definitely a place more suited for couples on a dressy date night filled with wine and good food.

A pleasant surprise at the 21 Club was the lack of intrusive behavior by the waiters, a rarity in New York City restaurants.  This behavior separated it from even the most upscale restaurants because you know that when a waiter asks you how your food is more than once per course, they are slightly nudging you to hurry up and leave.  By not pestering patrons, it showed them that the staff at the 21 Club is quite confident in the food they present for their guests, a quality that many restaurants should mimic.  I understand that while it isn’t practically to eat like the French, especially in a New York City establishment, occasionally, it’s nice to know that you can leave whenever you finish eating.


The meal clearly spoke for itself because every time a new course came out, I could not wait to devour it.  Below are some pictures from that night; while I tried to take decently lit pictures, the intimate ambience meant that the lighting was not going to be favorable to my poor iPhone camera.

IMG_2718Because I was stuck in traffic, I had to miss out on the round or rosé #fomo
IMG_2613I could be wrong, but I’m 99% sure that the drinks menu was written in Garamond, my favorite font, which just added bonus points to their aesthetic.
IMG_2717Candidly looking at the drinks menu, but social media is all a façade, and it took ten minutes to get this shot.
IMG_2712Not even going to bother with looking candid — I look like a chipmunk.
IMG_2709With my best frand ♥️ She didn’t get the Merlot though
IMG_2711My eyes look gross but my side profile looks nice — I guess you win some and you lose some
IMG_2720APPETIZER: Foie Gras with Fig Jam — sorry duck, I really like your liver
IMG_2723A close up of the liver — look how perfect everything is
IMG_2621APPETIZER: Soup of the Day — my best friend got this, but I have no clue what it was called
IMG_2622Another close up because I’m obsessed with how perfect everything is done.
IMG_2624APPETIZER: Veal — I feel like veal in theory always sounds good, but I’m nit quite sure if I’m sold on the taste yet.
IMG_2630ENTRÉE — Duck again! Sorry guys, you’re honestly really tasty 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆
IMG_2729Closeup of the dish, and I’m honestly quite surprised at how well my camera captured the details of the dish.
IMG_2635ENTRÉE — steak tartare.  Enough said.
IMG_2637Look how they perfectly plated this dish, with the pepper flakes distributed like foliage.IMG_2632ENTRÉE — the tuna that looks like a steak.
IMG_2728Not quite sure what the crispy things on top of the tuna were, but they were delicious.
IMG_2639SIDE — creamed spinach with three cheeses (I think?)
IMG_2641The cheese on top reminds me of créme brûlée
IMG_2648DESSERT — rum infused cake with candied raspberries for two.
IMG_2735Not a huge fan of moist cakes, but this was actually just the perfect amount of moistness.
IMG_2734I love when you take a slice of cake and put cream on it and it looks like art in on itself.
IMG_2654DESSERT — a combo of vanilla ice-cream, cream, and chocolate mousse.
IMG_2669Look how cutely they designed the top of the mousse, with an edible sheet with their logo on it.
IMG_2736The ceiling is a dream for any child growing up in the 20th century, or what I imagine a child from the 20th century would have loved.
IMG_2737One final look at the ceiling before we waited outside for our Uber to pick us up.


I know that my age group was not 21 Club’s target demographic, but if I ever have the opportunity to sit and enjoy some amazing foie gras again, I won’t be passing up that chance, even for a second.


the girl who can’t get enough of ducks


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