Usually, I listen to the same 15 songs until I get sick of them, but since my blog is a way to reinvent myself, I decided to start publishing a monthly playlist.  The understanding is that from this experience, I can discover new genres/sub-genres and artists that I’ve never heard of before, and share the wealth for others who also may have not heard of these hidden gems.


Rules: Each month, I will be posting my Top Ten songs.  To be a Top Ten song, it must either

  • be a hidden gem – a new genre/sub-genre that I have not yet explored OR a new artist from a genre that I enjoy listening to
  • be an indulgence – an artist that I already enjoy listening to

Obviously, I’ll try to limit the indulgence songs because what’s the point of reading this post if all you’re going to see are songs from the Billboard Hot 100?  Also, I may not always post exactly 10 songs because there are some months when music is dry and uninteresting, so I can only scrounge together less than 10.


For May, here are my Top Ten:

Black Veil Brides, In the End
This song came out years ago and it’s probably the only BVB song that I like, though I can’t tell you why I don’t listen to more of their stuff.
Purchase here at iTunes

Chase Atlantic, Cassie
A friend recommended this song and artist because of the title (can you guess what her name is?) and it’s a pretty nice song, though I probably would have never found it, which is pretty embarrassing because I like to explore genres.
Purchase here at iTunes

Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson, Symphony
This song has to be on everyone’s playlist, asap.  I’m in love with Clean Bandit’s angle these days, singing about struggle and frustration, yet delivering it with beautiful melodies and strong female vocals.
Purchase here at iTunes

Harry Styles, Sign of the Times
Okay, so I was in love with One Direction because of Harry, don’t judge because everyone had their favorite One Direction member and loved 1D more than they would like to admit.  I love the angle that Harry goes in this song, with a soft classic rock that he probably wanted to sing all along instead of the cheesy pop genre.  Though I am confused why iTunes would label it as pop 🤔.
Purchase here at iTunes

Kendrick Lamar, HUMBLE.
I think rap music is perfect when you want to think about things, well not all rap songs, but the artists I do listen to always make me think about my life’s struggles in comparison to others.  Kendrick Lamar is not an exception and his music video is beautifully shot, with cool angles.
Purchase here at iTunes

Slushii x Marshmello, Twinbow
Marshmello, whoever he is under that mask-hat thing is a genius.  Slushii is like the go-to name everyone goes to, so they can show off their EDM knowledge.  While it is a shorter piece, this is no doubt a perfect song to ~groove~ to.
Purchase here at iTunes

The Story So Far, Clairvoyant
I generally don’t go crazy about guitars and stuff, but this song is beautiful.  It kind of a has a chill vibe from the 2000s (it was released in 2013), and the essence of a struggling musician, which is kind of cool.
Purchase here at iTunes

Twin Forks, Cross My Mind
This folk song is a sweet song that always makes me think of a sunny road trip by the beach.  #summer
Purchase here at iTunes

Vampire Weekend, California English
I love this song.  My friend reintroduced me to this song, but it’s trippy and really cool.  I’m kind of upset that I haven’t listened to Vampire Weekend in a while because I forgot all the fun songs, but I guess this is what happens when you have trouble remembering titles 😥.
Purchase here at iTunes


May’s songs may seem like a hodge podge of things, but given the point of the semester, I need an eclectic variety of songs to soothe the pain of finals and get me excited for summer vacation.  I hope you enjoy these songs like I do!


the girl who can’t be pinned down with her song choices

p.s. I made a Spotify playlist, so you can enjoy my May finds!


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