I know this is late, but here is this month’s Top Ten!

Erik Satie, Gymnopédie No. 1
This summer I’m trying to go back to my creative roots, and this song just tickles you in a pleasant way to get your creative juices flowing.  Also shameless bragging, but this was the song I used in my final for my creative writing class in freshman year.
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Fall Out Boy, Sugar, We’re Goin Down
These days everyone has been talking about the return of some of our favorite groups (#RIPMCR), and I know everyone had a crush on Pete Wentz at some point, even if it was for five minutes 😁.
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Future, Mask Off
To be honest, rap music is whatever Biggie or Tupac made, but Future has a nice voice, plain and simple.  I can actually understand his words, rather than bob my head to a bunch of gibberish.
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Jasmine Thompson, Old Friends
I recently saw Jasmine Thompson, and reconnected with literally old friends that I haven’t spoken to or seen in a few years now.  It literally captures the reason why old friends will inevitably be better than new friends.
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Lady Gaga, Paparazzi
I remember the first time I listened to Lady Gaga in my friend’s dark computer room, and I remember thinking that she was weird, yet ten years later, I know the lyrics to many of her popular pieces.
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Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee, Despacito
My friend told me to listen to it because Justin Bieber was featured, but I think it sucks.  Do yourself a favor and learn some Spanish and listen to the original, and NOT the remix, even if I do love JB’s songs.
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Marina and the Diamonds, Primadonna
I recently applied for a part-time job and one of the questions was, “What is your anthem?” and the only song that came to mind was this song because every girl, well most girls, would love to live the life Marina sings about.
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The Chainsmokers ft. ROZES, Roses
This was my gateway drug to The Chainsmokers because even after the release of Don’t Let Me Down, I was still wary of them, and who wouldn’t be?  #Selfie was a disaster.
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The Night Game, The Outfield
I love it when artists explore different genres because I can truly appreciate their singing ability, but also because as a fan, I feel like I am graced with the opportunity to see a beloved performer grow and develop over the years.  Also Martin’s cute.
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Zara Larsson, Lush Life
Besides Symphony and Never Forget You, I didn’t think that Zara Larsson had any memorable or popular songs, but was I wrong – Lush Life is so addicting and dance-able.
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Like May, June is also filled with a seemingly mismatched set of songs.  Most of these are not of the recent kind, one even being 130 years old.  As it’s the summer, everyone should experience new things, like new genres.


the girl who projects (?) with her music

p.s. Here’s June’s Spotify playlist!


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