“Being happy / Oh, it’s boring, I’m more into crazy” –  Jasmine Thompson, Drama (2017)

Just a little apology note: Hello world!  I know I said that I would follow my posting schedule, but sadly, life got in the way.  Since I will be graduating college next year (#Classof2018), I have been busy focusing on cementing my long term life plans, which took a lot of time away from doing the things I love.  Now that I’m back, I am itching to share a ton of blog posts ranging from music to fashion to life things, so keep your eyes peeled out for them!  Thanks everyone for your continued support and love you all!! 😘😘


Two weeks ago, I went back to Webster Hall, this time to The Studio, to see a rising singer, Jasmine Thompson.  Before we talk about how great she is, can we all take a moment of silence?  I literally cannot get over the fact that people my age and younger are going places in life, while I’m just lying in bed, thinking about why I am still single.

Back to Jasmine, her voice is incredible – it is almost as if she has some sort of magical power that makes every single song sound chill.  I first learned about her in Robin Schulz’s Sun Goes Down (2014), which makes me a late (?) fan, though I do have a good reason why I didn’t listen to her stuff earlier.  If you are like me, you either grew up listening to what your parents listened to, in my case, anything from the 70s-90s, as well as MTV.  Raise your hand, well leave a comment, if you were a 90s kid who watched all the cool music videos on MTV 🙋🏼.

Following her collab with Robin Schulz, my friends learned of Jasmine a year later, when Felix Jaehn remixed Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better), a remix of Chaka Khan’s song (1983).  Fast forward to 2017, Jasmine released her Wonderland EP, which was how I got to see her live, in her first headlining tour.


A couple days before the concert, I posted on Twitter that I was super stoked to see Jasmine live in my home city, and surprisingly, she responded.  Because I am super extra, I had to take a screenshot of this awesome moment:

I know this is unnecessary, but please let me have my five seconds of fame.


IMG_3232First order of business: taking a snap of my wristband to mark the beginning of my summer concert series.

While waiting for Jasmine to come out, I noticed that there was a photo wall, so I forced my friend to take pictures of me because who can pass up a photo wall?

I tried to pose in front of the photo wall, but I didn’t like how I looked.

Look how happy and excited I am to see Jasmine.


The opening act was Sarah Barrios, a singer from Connecticut.  If anyone knows who she sounds like, please leave a comment because it is stressing me out that I can’t think of the name right now.  Her songs had kind of a Hey There Delilah (2005) vibe, but there was no denying that she was good.  It was also cute that her mom brought mementos with her social media handles on them.

Jasmine came on stage a little before 8 p.m., and stole the show.  Even now, I have trouble describing how amazing it was, taking the crowd beyond the basement confines of The Studio.  I was so caught up in the music that I would forget that I was at a concert, and would just be smiling serenely while swaying to her music.

True to her tour name, Jasmine sang songs from her newest EP, though she did close with everyone’s favorite, Ain’t Nobody, which everyone sang along to.  Even if you didn’t know any of the songs from the Wonderland EP, you had to know that song because then, do you even know Jasmine Thompson?


Even though her concert ended at 9 p.m., she spent the remainder of her time greeting and taking pictures with fans.  She gave everyone a hug, and a message of thanks for coming out to see her.

A candid picture of no one staring at the right camera, obviously.

 The power of good lighting 💡.


If I have to pick something that I was disappointed about, it would be the absence of story time, though this isn’t her fault, she is, after all, only 16!  I feel like story time contributes a lot to a set, though performers who tell the best stories are obviously the ones who have gone on multiple tours all over, and are definitely old enough to drink legally in the U.S.!

In the near future, I would love the chance to see her live again, though with a longer set because her performance ended too quickly.  Though, the fact that her concert was short meant that I was able to get pics with her, so no complaining there.


the girl who remembers MTV’s glory days

p.s. Support Jasmine by purchasing her EP on iTunes!

IMAGE CREDIT: The Studio at Webster Hall

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