I can’t stay away from Chinese food.  I really love that stuff.

Shaun White, American professional snowboarder and skateboarder (1986-present)

My college is in a suburban town, just thirty minutes west of Philadelphia.  Not to be stereotypical or anything, but I’ve come to realize that every single restaurant there is either ridiculously health-conscious or just subpar fast food.  For example, I have never been able to eat some decent pork fried rice because if one takeout place puts the right type of meat, then they’ll mess it up by getting the flavor wrong, vice versa.


A lot of my friends are willing adventurers and try out the various eateries off campus, and they mentioned honeygrow.  honeygrow sells healthy stir fry dishes and salads, and is just a five-minute drive off campus.   I was intrigued by this premise because one, it was a strange combination of foods to sell, and two, could you even make stir fry healthy?


I found my answer when I visited honeygrow for the first time, earlier in the school year.  My friend and I had decided to eat at honeygrow because it sounded the best amongst all the options off campus, and because we were eager to catch up after not seeing each other since high school ended three years ago.

honeygrow’s ordering method is a millennial dream come true – customers craft their stir fry dish or salad through a touch screen.  They have the option of paying by card directly at the ordering station, or by cash at the food pick-up station.  For convenience, I paid with my card.


When you choose your honeygrow stir fry, you can choose from pre-made designs, or build your own; the latter is created from your pick of protein, vegetables, sauce, toppings.  The instructions are clear and very easy to follow, making the whole experience painless.

As a popular establishment, I would say that I had to wait about two minutes on line before I could create my dish, then wait another 10-15 minutes before they finished making my dish.  honeygrow also sells carbonated beverages, but since I don’t drink soda, healthier alternative or not, I simply asked for a cup to get some water, as I picked up my food.

IMG_2761Our food’s here!
IMG_2764My dish – they put quite a lot of dried shallots.
IMG_2763Just a close up, it looks so good!!

As a lover of spicy food, I doused my stir fry in sriracha sauce, even though I picked the spicy garlic sauce for my stir fry.  The hotter, the better!


The ambience is definitely on the louder side, or I’ve only visited them during their loud period.  It’s filled with middle and high schoolers from the area meeting up for dinner after practice, as well as families with very young children, young children who apparently love to cry there.  It would have been nicer if it was quieter because at times, I had trouble hearing my friend, let alone hearing myself to collect my thoughts.  The volume isn’t a deal breaker, however, as the food makes sure to keep their patrons visiting again and again.


the girl who’s eating healthy stir fry because she’s super healthy now 😏

IMAGE CREDIT: honeygrow

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