July’s Top Ten are a combination of songs I’ve listened to in preparation to the respective artists’ concerts, or just something cool I stumbled across.  Enjoy!

Chanyeol, Punch, Stay With Me
I kind of stopped listening to k-pop because as a hipster, I prefer listening to songs that no one has discovered yet.  I can’t tell you why I find this song so delightful, but thanks Mom for making me go to Korean school at 8 in the morning every Saturday 🤗.
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Daddy Yankee, Gasolina
This song takes me back to when I first started dancing – this was one of our practice songs.  Nowadays, people dance to EDM or rap songs, but the easiest way to get you moving is the Latin rhythm.
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G-Dragon, Untitled, 2014 (무제/ 無題)
My best friend and I bought tickets to see him at Barclays towards the latter half of the month, and I’m lowkey excited to see him live.  His recent songs sound pretty cool, though he could brush up on his English.  Just saying.
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Lana del Rey ft. The Weeknd, Lust For Life
I have a love-hate relationship with Lana del Rey’s music.  I know that it’s good, but a part of me hates that it’s so good.  Though it took her a while to come back with stuff that I liked listening to since Summertime Sadness (2012), I appreciate this song.
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Missy Elliott, Work It
Dance helped me gain a lot of confidence about who I was, as well as become aware of space.  Songs like these encouraged this confidence because who says that girls can’t rap (or dance, etc.) as well as boys?
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Owl City, Fireflies
This song brings back so many great memories, from the times I would listen to this while playing Gaia and Maplestory, to my eighth grade English teacher who wrote a creative piece inspired by this song.  Random fun fact: There’s a meme saying that most white people have the lyrics to this song tattooed to some part of this body.
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Johann Pachelbel, Canon in D Major
I found out that in Catholic wedding tradition, you need to play a a Christian-based religious piece, rather than Wagner’s Bridal Chorus or Mendelssohn’s Wedding March because they are secular pieces.  Pachelbel’s song, which is often incorrectly played during Advent/Christmas time, is a popular choice.  #WEDDINGFEVER
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Seven Lions ft. KARRA, Silent Skies
I’m in love with anything Seven Lions releases.  It would be a dream to see him live.  Can’t talk because it’s so good 🖤.
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Seven Lions ft. NÉONHÈART, Where I Won’t Be Found
Can’t stop, won’t stop.  Just speechless 🖤.
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Zedd, Alessia Cara, Stay
I literally cannot stop singing and dancing along to this song.  When Alessia sings, “All you have to do is stay a minute,” you can find me popping to it.  #dancer4lyfe
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Machine Gun Kelly ft. James Arthur, Go For Broke
I still have my reservations about MGK, but James Arthur has never disappointed since his X-Factor (UK) days, so it’s a great piece.
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July’s clearly a dance month, along with random facts.


the girl who dances like nobody’s watching

p.s. And as always, here’s the Spotify playlist!



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