You either know fashion or you don’t.

Anna Wintour, British-American journalist, editor; editor-in-chief of Vogue, artistic director of Condé Nast (1949-present)

Everyone wants to be rich.

Even if we say otherwise, money has become synonymous to simple bodily functions like breathing and sleeping.  Without it, we cannot eat, drink, etc.  Though, drinking’s trickier because we should all have access to clean water, yet cases like Flint, MI say otherwise.

Removing such functions to money, money itself is important in letting people know that you have money.  We always see articles with the “fake it ’til you make it” mentality, so clearly there’s a standard to what a rich person supposedly looks like.

But the question is – how does a rich person look like?


Appearance = Wealth ?

In Logan Sykes’ article for Town and Country Magazine, “How to Dress Like You’re a Millionaire,” Sykes compiles a list of things we should do to give the impression that we’re richer than we actually are.

Her article caricatures herself and the older generations for their outdated methods, saying that millionaire attire is synonymous to country club attire.  Many of her tips echo the 50s, a failed decade of conformity.  This makes me question whether the author is fixated on keeping the fantastical American dream alive more than she is trying to help readers identify key attributes that can give them a rich person’s vibe.


A Millennial’s Guide to Dressing Like a [Fashionable] Millionaire

Many fashion designers, which coincidentally (!) rich people love to wear, generally all agree that you should be classy, but to also test the boundaries of what is appropriate.  Said designers all agree that boring is never acceptable because apparel and accessories are so malleable.

  1. The Basics: LBDs. You have no excuse not to own one.
  2. Priorities: You can buy a lookalike shirt at a lesser known place, but shoes and bags are not a commodity. Investing in a good pair of sneakers is always a plus in our athelesiure culture.
  3. Fakes: Fake anything is never acceptable. If you can’t afford it, get a vintage designer piece at a thrift shop instead.  No one think’s your Gucci belt’s real when it has two C’s instead of G’s.
  4. Logos: YES to obnoxious logos. If you’re going to wear them, make sure it screams at you, but if not, make sure to keep it completely understated.
  5. Sweaters: Be chic and wear your cardigans, blazers on your shoulders. Unless you live in a country club, don’t drape them on your shoulders.  Bonus points if you hang a blazer on top of the blazer you’re already wearing.
  6. Reform: Anything you wear must be in good condition, unless you bought it like that. Random scratches on your leather goods just make you look sad.
  7. Sunglasses: Wear Jackie O’s tortoiseshells, or John Lennon’s circular eyepieces. Regardless of what you decide, be aware of what works well with your face and/or outfit.
  8. Nails: Make them cohesive with your appearance. For a crazy look, your clothes should be just as crazy as your nails.  If you want to make your nails to make a statement, wear something unobtrusive.
  9. Denim: Own denim in different colors, but have a couple of dark washed ones too.  Obviously, a dark washed jean jacket isn’t appropriate for the summer like a lighter one is.
  10. Vintage: Take advantage of your family’s old wardrobe. You mom’s vintage Max Mara velvet shirt from the 80s?  It’s perfect for today.
  11. Perfume: Unless you’re Grace Kelly and received a custom fragrance, don’t limit yourself to one signature scent. Your scent should reflect your mood, and should be purchased from an accredited place, not like CVS, unless you like to douse yourself to smell a hint of perfume and to wear alcohol stained clothes.
  12. Jewelry: Go crazy as you want, showing off your diamonds and pearls. Extravagance is celebrated, but don’t do paste jewels – you aren’t five anymore.
  13. More Basics: Turtlenecks and long coat. Nothing screams chic like a black turtleneck and a long coat.  If you don’t own at least five, you’re doing something wrong.
  14. Tailors: Clothing should always be structured towards your body shape. That being said, don’t compromise the look of a designer piece either.
  15. Monochrome: Stick to one color or one outfit to let people know that you’re a serious businessperson. Nothing screams power like a go-to uniform.
  16. Time Pieces: A good watch oozes confidence. Let people know that you have good time management.
  17. Animals: Don’t look like a safari exhibit. If you wear animal patterns/fur, don’t try to go for a caveman look.
  18. Hair: Just make sure that it’s clean. Dry shampoo isn’t meant to be swapped out with your shampoo, so don’t abuse it, and wash accordingly.  Most of all, cut off those split ends.
  19. Be a Trendsetter: Don’t try to follow trends – create them.  By the time you follow them, it’ll either be going out of style or you’ll be swept in the bandwagon.  Explore your creativity and make something cool for yourself.


The biggest marker of a millennial is our desire to not be labeled.  Categorizing things are so 1950s.  It irks me when fashion-related job applications ask me for a label for my fashion sense because nowadays, who can actually name their style?  We all wear a variety of things, and if you don’t, then you’re clearly missing out on a whole market filled with many beautiful things.


the girl who is a wannabe fashion guru


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