There has never been a shrimp that I’ve eaten that I haven’t been like, “I’m so lucky that I get to eat this.”  I would eat a shrimp enchilada, shrimp burrito, shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, shrimp po boy, shrimp gumbo.

Isabel Gillies, American author, former actress (1970-present)

As a foodie, I’m always grateful for my friends.  While I don’t have a boyfriend 😭, I do have amazing friends who embark on food adventures with me, and introduce me to their favorite haunts.  There are times when the eatery sucks, but being in the company of your friends make everything (almost) alright.

Extra people may agree with me on this, but birthdays can never be celebrated on just one day.  You need at least a month to celebrate it, especially if it’s your 21st.  As such my friend treated me out to Bahama Breeze, a Caribbean-inspired restaurant, just 15 minutes away from campus.  Being from NYC, I had no clue what to expect because we don’t have a Bahama Breeze – well, there’s one in Long Island, but who has the time to drive all the way out there?


Food Porn Gallery

IMG_2787The appetizer: Smothered Pork Goodness – “a hearty pile of pulled pork, chorizo, and cheese stuffed yuca topped with caramelized onions, guava BBQ sauce and more cheese.”
IMG_2789Look how perfect everything looks.
IMG_2791Another close up – I literally cannot get enough of this dish.
IMG_2792My friend’s entrée: Coconut Shrimp Tacos – “flour tortillas filled with crispy coconut shrimp, tomato salsa, Sriracha aioli and cabbage-jicama slaw.”
IMG_2797A close up – thank god my friend shared one with me because that was just delicious.
IMG_2795My entrée: Key West Shrimp & Grits – “tender shrimp sautéed with bacon and mushrooms, served with lemon butter sauce and fresh green beans over cheesy grits.”
IMG_2796A close up – I don’t think I’ve ever had grits that tasted this good in my life.


I know it may seem weird that for a 21st birthday, it sure is lacking in drinks.  My friend did suggest that I should grab a margarita at least, even though she couldn’t partake in that part of the festivities with me, as she wasn’t 21 yet.  If that isn’t a testament to a true friend, I don’t know what is.

It felt wrong to accept, so I didn’t take up on her offer.  To accept is like to ask a starving child if they’re hungry, and then eating in front of them, without offering any of it to them.  We did promise each other to get drinks during our first weekend back at school in the fall, once she was safely in the ~adult~ zone.


Ending Comments

Honestly, I’m kind of sad that there isn’t a Bahama Breeze in NYC because the food was great.  There are probably great Caribbean restaurants here as well, but I don’t know of any.  If you do, please leave a comment, so I can check it out!  And, don’t forget to support your local eateries!!


the girl who loves celebrating her birthday


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