Question: Who is G-DRAGON to you? (질문: 당신에게 지드래곤 이란?)

Hyeongdon Jeong / Entertainer:
To me? (저에게 있어서 지드래곤이요?) -stares-
Just a regular celebrity? (흔한 셀럽?) -laughs-

Question: Who is KWON JI YONG to you? (질문: 당신에게 권지용 이란?)

Hyeongdon Jeong / Entertainer:
Who’s that? (걔가 누구죠?) -tilts head-
Oh! JI YONG! (지용이!) -laughs-
I didn’t recognize his full name. (‘권’까지 붙이니깨 몰랐네.) -smirks-

– taken from G-Dragon’s Family & Friends Video Message

On Thursday night (I seem to have a habit of going out on Thursday nights), I attended the G-Dragon Act III, M.O.T.T.E. ‘Moment of Truth The End’ World Tour concert here in NYC.  The concert was held at the Barclays Center, home to the Brooklyn Nets, Jay Z’s team.


Right off the bat, you can see the difference between American and foreign singers, from their opening act.  While I dislike them, opening acts are a staple to every concert and it felt weird to attend one that didn’t have one.  I was conditioned to hear up and coming performers get the crowd excited for the main attraction, and not having one made the concert seem awkward.  So instead, we were bombarded with music videos of G-Dragon’s hits, as attendees turned on their yellow crown tiaras that blinked rapidly.

A unique aspect about the concert was its design.  As alluded to in its title, the concert was broken up into three acts, like a Shakespearean play.  It highlighted G-Dragon’s goal for his world tour – to show the duality that existed within him, G-Dragon the performer and Kwon Ji-yong the civilian.

Act I: G-Dragon

  1. Act I Opening Video
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Breathe (브리드)
  4. A Boy (소년이여)
  5. But I Love U
  6. Obsession (악몽)

Act II: G-Dragon vs. Kwon Ji-yong

  1. Act II Opening Video
  2. MichiGO (미치GO)
  3. One of a Kind
  4. R.O.D. (Ride or Die, CL version)
  5. That XX (그 XX)
  6. Black (Sky Ferreira version)
  7. Missing You
  8. Who You ? (니가 뭔데)
  9. I Love It (너무 좋아)
  10. G-Dragon Family & Friend Video Message
  11. Today
  12. Crayon (크레용)

Act III: Kwon Ji-yong

  1. Act III Opening Video: Kwon Ji-yong talks
  2. Super Star (Act II)
  3. Middle Fingers – Up (Intro. 권지용)
  4. Bullshit (Act I. 개소리)
  5. Divina Commedia (Outro. 신곡 (神曲))


  1. Crooked (삐딱하게)
  2. Untitled, 2014 (Act III.무제 (無題))

Check out the bottom for a playlist with the setlist!


What I Liked

I really loved this duality because it made you, an average person, understand that even celebrities are normal people.  Like normal people, celebrities also have likes and dislikes, and a myriad of emotions to express such feelings.  The only thing that separates them from us is that their normal probably looks nothing like ours.  To some degree, however, we regular folk also wear armor that puts on a façade for the rest of the world to see.


What I Didn’t Like  

While I’m not a G-Dragon fan, I do appreciate his stuff, as it represents of a part of my childhood.  Consequently, I was quite upset to see that he didn’t play songs like Niliria (늴리리야), featuring Missy Elliot and Without You (결국).  Clearly, Missy’s a big part of my childhood.

I know I shouldn’t critique G-Dragon’s English when my Korean isn’t the best, even after 10+ years of Korean school (sorry Mom), but I had trouble understanding what he was saying.  It was funny when he was giving his talk during the break and he said, “You guys probably don’t even know what I’m saying right now,” because that was the one part I did understand (laughing face emoji).



Thursday’s concert taught me the power of rabid fan girls because some girl behind me kept on screaming, “I love you” and “Marry me,” every time there was a break.  Like girl calm down, I can barely understand him, and you’re making it worse.

Interestingly enough, I would rate this as one of the most laid back concerts that I’ve ever been to and would relabel it as an exhibition.  Thursday night was a celebration of a man reconciling his public and private selves in the best way he knew how – through music.  He bared out the vulnerable and private Kwon Ji-yong that most didn’t know, without compromising the flashy G-Dragon everyone loved.  He isn’t just Karl Lagerfeld’s muse or a trendsetting pioneer for other K-pop artists, he’s also someone’s beloved son, brother, and friend.


Sadly, Spotify doesn’t have all of the songs, but here’s the playlist with all the songs I could find!

I also recorded three of my favorite songs of the concert, and they’re down below in a YouTube playlist.  Enjoy!


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