Until I become popular and write this in third person, here is a short bio:

As per my super creative blog title, I go by Elizabeth, so please call me that, though I do have a personal name that I allow a few people to call me by.  Maybe if we become close friends, you will be privy to that name as well 😁.  I would describe myself as an independent blogger, as well as an aspiring fashion designer.  As a fashion designer, but also a businesswoman, I hope to run a successful fashion house that reconciles my three loves – art in nature, classic silhouettes, and math, specifically natural numbers.

If anyone decides that they want to feature on my blog, feel free to email me at elizabethnchi@gmail.com!  I am open to collaborations, promotions, and everything. #teamwork


Also here’s a shameless plug, desperately begging everyone to follow my social media handles:
Instagram @elizarie,
Twitter @elizabethnchi,
Snapchat @nforsythiac,
Facebook @Elizabeth Chi.


© 2017 Elizabeth N. Chi, All Rights Reserved.

Image Credit: Elle

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